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Re: refined camera technique

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Is it comfortable to hold if I pair the A7II with a heavy lens like the Zeiss 135mm f1.8?

Keep the left hand UNDER the lens, with the thump pointing away from you. Do this always, no matter small or large lenses. Then you can perfectly can balance any camera, and you also get a much sturdier support, allowing slower shutter speeds.


And tuck in your elbows and hold your breath when you shoot.

Albows close to the body, excelllent, but I have from hunters that the body is most relaxed when you are breathing slowly out! Works great. Might be worth trying both techniques.

Also look for extra support if needed, like a tree, a wall, a rock, or anything that can help you keep the camera even steadier that just good handheld technique.

Excellent ideas, thanks.  Slow exhale - I will give that a try today.

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