Bif's and bird tips / technique with MF long lenses. Long and boring

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Re: Bif's and bird tips / technique with MF long lenses. Long and boring

MVDH wrote:

I recently got interested in bird photography and found this excelent topic hidden somewhere way down in the forum. A very usefull and interesting read which should be placed on top of the forum again IMHO.

Much respect for your work and style of photgraphy Danny!

One question to Danny: If I understand correctly you mainly shoot manual focus lenses. Is there a specific reason why you prefer to do your bird photography the "hard way" with a tiny NEX camera and long manual focus lenses? Why don't you use lenses with DSLR camera that has the modern very fast AF features?

Reason I ask: currently I have a NEX6 and SEL18200 as my longest lens and am looking at my best options to get me (beginner) into bird photography. I am considering getting a dedicated DSLR for like Sony a77-II+70-400-II or Canon 7D+100-400-II lens mainly because I read so little positive things of long lenses on mirrorless NEX/A6000 camera's...

Heck that is an old post

The DSLR is the way to go for sure. I've never pretended any other way. Fast PDAF is the way to go. At the moment we are seeing some amazing shots from the likes of a Nikon D7100, Canon 7D or the MKII version with the Tamron 150-600. If I was into AF that's the way I would go. APS-C suits me with the crop factor, for me its the perfect balance. For others it has to be FF and I shoot with a few of them and there is no way you can knock what they take.

The most expensive part of a bird system as you know, is the lenses. That Sigma is one hack of a lens for the cost, its a bargain

I love the challenge and feel of MF. Hey i'm getting old, LOL. So they are the main reasons. The other reason is the cost of course. I couldn't afford new 300 F/2.8L, 500 F/4L and the 800 F/5.6L. So that's also a large part of it. I guess I'm stubborn and like to be in total control of the shot at the end of the day. There's not many of us stubborn old buggas around now days.

With internal focus long lenses and the balance of the Canon's along with the IQ, its not too bad. I've also bought an Oly E-M10 m4/3 to work alongside the NEX-7 and that was bought simply for the extra crop factor when needed. So far its working out .....

However, if I could just have one camera it would be the NEX-7 or an A6000 when using MF lenses. The focus peaking is superb in the Sony's, the Oly focus peaking is terrible to be honest.

The issue with Sony mirrorless is the lack of long decent primes and zooms. Justin does wonders with the A6000 and the 55-210 with an add on TC on the front. Again though, he would be one of the first to recommend a DSLR for birds and he does use a Sony DSLR as well. Both of use know and see the benefits of a DSLR and long lenses compared to mirrorless.

All the best and thanks, think carefully before you sink money into a system. Canon and Nikon is where I would head for fast AF and lenses Nice to see you doing the homework.


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