AF: Sony A7s or A7II?

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Re: AF: Sony A7s or A7II?

Thank you David for the information regarding the Sony A7RII's shutter sound I'm considering getting one with a prime and am currently shooting a Pentax K-5SII which has a week damped shutter but only an APC sensor. I want something compact and like to shoot with primes.

Are the photographs in your zenportfolio shot with the Sony? Beautiful photographs and evidencing tonal and sharpness characteristics that I'm looking for.


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Thanks for your feed back. What about the internal reflection issue in the night shots with the light source in the frame? Does it always happen or there is a way to bypass the issue?

My understanding is that A7II is considerably less prone to sensor reflections as compared to the original A7 (small bright lights at night) -- I've seen several comparisons that seem to confirm that.

Is the A7II shutter quieter than the original A7?

They are essentially the same. Both a little noisy and noticeable.

I'm afraid I have to disagree having owned the a7 and now having the A7s and A7II there is a marked difference in tone which makes mkII seem quieter. In fact I have tried firing the shutter of these 2 alongside my leica M and the sound is now a lot more akin to the Leica but just slightly louder. In essence I would say the mkII shutter is better damped

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