Easy exposure compensation issue

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Easy exposure compensation issue


I'm wonder if anyone else has had this issue, and if so, how they deal with it.  It's not really a bug, just irritating how the function was implemented.

When the camera is not able to set "proper exposure" in a "metered" mode, it indicates the "underexposure" as bars below zero on the meter displayed in the viewfinder (on the right on the D4).  The problem is that this is the same "meter display" is used to indicate the current exposure compensation value.  If you adjust "easy exposure compensation" while the meter is in the "I'm showing you how much that you're underexposing" mode, you can't tell how much exposure compensation is being set.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Turn on the custom setting for "easy exposure compensation".

2. Set to shutter priority and a high shutter speed and auto ISO.

3. Set your max ISO such that the camera can't raise the ISO high enough for your lighting conditions.

4. In a dark room, press the shutter half way to meter the scene.  The "meter" will show some bars below zero indicating that it feels the scene is underexposed given the current settings.

5. Turn the dial set for "easy exposure compensation".

I understand why this is happening, and that you can press the exposure compensation value to see what the actual exposure compensation value is.  But it is not very intuitive.  I would like a way to always know what my exposure compensation is set to, even when the camera thinks that the scene is underexposed.

Any ideas?


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