How is the 24-120 kit lens for the D750

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Re: How is the 24-120 kit lens for the D750

paulski66 wrote:

chuxter wrote:

The largest issue w/ Sigma is that they are in a war w/ Nikon. Sigma refuses to pay Nikon for access to their intellectual property. I do not know the details. Japan business is run on the keiretsu system. Google it. It's unlike other countries. In the USA, it would be illegal; not sure about NZ?

1. Sigma does not "refuse to pay" Nikon. Nikon refuses to license the technology behind their AF specification, and not just to Sigma. To everyone. Hence, no AF Zeiss or Voigtlander lenses. Tamron and Tokina, too, reverse-engineer the AF interface (though there is some evidence of a greater degree of co-operation between Tamron and Nikon and Tokina and Nikon).

Japan, Inc makes a distinction between Japanese 3rd party lens mfgs and outfits in Germany. Yes, they refuse to license to Zeiss. But I have not heard that they refuse to license to Sigma, however, that might be true?

Anyway, a few years back, Sigma had the temerity to design and sell a new 50mm f/1.4 lens that was quite better than what Nikon and Canon offered...and at a lower price! This apparently started a war.

2. The Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART was announced less than a year ago, and only released for the Nikon mount about 6 months ago...not a "few years" ago. And I'm not sure what "war" this started. It gave consumers another great 50mm option, but I have seen no bloodshed, literal or figurative.

The reason you are confused is that I was not talking about the |A lens, but rather the earlier EX lens. It was also a spectacular lens, but not on the same level and the |A. Still it was a shot across Nikon's bow.

Maybe you're thinking of the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART, which was released a few years ago. Or maybe you're thinking of the non-Art 50? If so, I think it's pretty debatable if it's better than the Nikkor 50mm f.14g.

As I said in many posts, the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 EX was better than the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 lens when it was introduced. Read the test reports? There was a response from Nikkor within a year and their revised 500 1.4 les was better than the old one. Some folks think it is as good as the Sigma EX. Even if it is only comparable, it has always been cheaper so it's the value leader.

Sigma has continued offering higher quality products at very reasonable prices. They now have two new "series": the "Art" and "Sport" series. Check out the reviews!

3. This is actually 3 new series ("Art" and "Sport" and "Contemporary"), not two.

Yes, but the "Contemporary" series is [at least so far] not a new series. The only |C lens is a redo of their excellent 17-70mm f/2.8-4.5 lens. One has OS and the other doesn't. The biggest change seems to be that these lenses can work w/ the Dock. While the 17-70 is a good lens, it is not nearly an |Art lens or even up to the EX standards. BYW, I have this lens. I use it on my D300.

Nikon is not sitting back. They are competing. They brought out a competitor for that original 50mm f/1.4 cannon shot that sorta closed the gap [but was more expensive, so the Sigma was still the value leader].

4. This implies the 58mm f.1,4g was a response of sorts to the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART. Actually it was announced and released before the Sigma was officially announced.

Again, you are confused. I was NOT talking about the |Art 50mm, but rather the earlier EX 50mm. The 58mm Nikkor does not compare well w/ the Sigma 50mm |Art.

But Sigma didn't stop or pay Nikon diddly. SO, Nikon started subtly changing their body-lens protocols in ways that would cause problems for owners of Sigma lenses on Nikon bodies. After all, Nikon makes higher profits on lenses than bodies.

5. This is speculation. I'm not sure that Nikon is changing the protocol to trip up Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina (though I'm sure they don't lose sleep when their competitors have to scramble to release firmware updates). And I definitely don't think they specifically target Sigma lenses. After all, new camera releases often cause camera/lens issues between Nikon cameras and older Nikkors, as well.

I agree. But my speculative account make sense of the relationship and clearly explains why they developed the Dock. Neither Nikon or Sigma will ever talk about this openly. Japan, Inc doesn't work that way.

Anyway, you didn't lose me per se, but you did play a little fast and loose with some of the facts. But as I said, I think the overall spirit of your post was probably sorta maybe correct.

I'm glad I was able to do even that good.

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