DNG or original RAW

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Re: DNG or original RAW

There's a lot of info here. Sorry in advance if I am repeating anything already stated. There is no right or wrong answer here.

I can only offer my workflow as info/advice.

I shoot RAW. I edit my images in Lightroom. When I am done with my images I then convert to DNG and rename them with my 'master' naming system such as 20141224_photoname_001.DNG This way I know the file is 'done' meaning converted to DNG.

In Lightroom. Not sure about other software unless you convert or save as your edits are locked into your LR catalog only. Meaning you could theoretically have years worth of editing time in your catalog but NOT actually retained by your files. Meaning if your database gets messed up all of your edits are lost. Imagine that for a minute, all of your editing on all your files LOST... No thanks.

So by converting to DNG I know that if something were to happen to my LR catalog I could just rebuild and be set. The files are smaller and you don't have those annoying xmp sidecar files to look at.

I have been using DNG's for years now and have had no regrets at all.

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