AF: Sony A7s or A7II?

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Re: AF: Sony A7s or A7II?

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Ok, I'm ready for my first ff Sony im even already bought FE 55/1.8. But what body, A7S or A7II?

I am particularly interested in AF performance in normal light, which camera lock focus and focuses faster? Not continuous mode, just plain single.

I have both, for normal light shooting get a faster lens and it will even work on A7II in low light due to IBIS..I use A7II 80% of the time...I only use A7S at night mostly video and extreme low best choice is A7II...

Is it comfortable to hold if I pair the A7II with a heavy lens like the Zeiss 135mm f1.8?

fwiw, I assume the improved grip of the A7II is more comfortable than the A7/A7r/A7s grip.

Also the A7II has a stronger lens mount as compared to A7.

Personally, if I were choosing right now, I would be getting A7II -- unless I really needed high ISO for capturing motion in dark settings. I'm sure some people get both.

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