question about Nikon 1 FT-1 adapter

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Re: question about Nikon 1 FT-1 adapter

anthony mazzeri wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

and it has an integrated tripod socket, which is definitely necessary for any larger lens.

Only if you use a tripod. Handheld it's ungainly and awkward.

True, it is quite uncomfortable but necessary if you are using a tripod.

Besides, it's just a cover for the essential electronics otherwise it would be optional/detachable like on the 70-200mm ƒ2.8 or other big lenses like the Bigma. Unscrew the bottom of the FT-1

I did just that, and it looks like this:

and inside the 'foot' is jammed all the circuitry which won't fit into the adapter otherwise.

That's not the whole truth... The foot contains only the aperture stepper motor, and since Nikon chose this solution, they had to place that motor into the foot. Besides, I think that from the beginning, the designers wanted to install an AF motor for the screw driver type lenses, but that was stopped at a late stage, that's why the FT-1 have some traces of that activity and that's why there is a hollow space opposite the stepper motor.

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