Internal shadowing not reflection (D810)

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Internal shadowing not reflection (D810)

Hi guys, I'm a photographer in Korea.

I have heard the issue of internal reflection in D750 in a famous Korean community for DSLR users.

The issue seemed to have originated from here, the DPreview forum.

There have been various discussions and informations about the nature and cause of internal reflection in our community.

And I want to share the informations and test results and our speculation about the so called "internal reflection" issue in D750.

This photo is probably a typical case of so called "internal reflection".

But you can see the photo is taken on a vertical plane.

If AF module or any other part were the cause of this horizontal wedge shaped flare, then my guess is that the phenomenon should be located on similar region, and only on vertical plane.

And another surprise, this photo was taken with D810, not D750.

I have done several tests myself.

As you can see, the phenomenon takes place in every side of the photo if the light is illuminated in certain angle.

And it was also D810.

If it is reflection of a certain part, again my guess is that the phenomenon should be located in a constant location of the photo.

My guess is that this phenomenon is probably shadowing from internal structure of the lens or from the shutter box.

So I have performed a test by taking a shot of my lens with another lens while illuminating the lens with certain angle.

Just like this, I have taken a shot of my Sigma art 35mm 1.4 lens with my sigma 70mm macro 2.8 lens while illuminating the 35mm lens.

It looks like this if the light is shone to the 35mm lens in a direct angle.

When I changed the angle of the light, you can see a wedge shaped horizontal shadow above the flare.

So considering the fact that this "internal reflection" happened in other cameras (not only D750), and that it appears in all sides of the photo, and that you can see this wedge shaped shadowing in a lens, we concluded that this phenomenon is not a unique feature of D750 originating from reflection.

Rather I think this phenomenon is a result of shadowing when the light is shone in a certain angle.

The shadow may be from the shutter box itself, or the lens.

Certain fact is that it happened in other non-mirrorless cameras, not only D750.

For example, the following photo was taken with the famous Canon 5DmarkII.

And the photo below was taken with D700

So what to do?

The people in our Korean online community have figured out that lens hoods prevent such shadowing from happening.

So my proposal is that you do use your lens hood, avoid to take pictures against the light in just a certain angle, or just use a mirrorless camera.

Thanks for reading, I hope this article might be of help to you.

Canon EOS 5D Nikon D700 Nikon D750 Nikon D810
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