Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G SSM II w/ A99 for weddings - HELP

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Gary Dean Mercer Clark
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Re: Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G SSM II w/ A99 for weddings - HELP

vinnylo wrote:

Also, I am going to need a nice wide lens. Any good suggestions? Not expensive as it will only be used on a limited basis.

I haven't shot with the Tamron offering, but I would go to and buy a used A mount lens from  Here is a link for you: Minolta/Alpha mount lenses at KEH .  Purchase an EX or better yet an EX+ rated lens and you should be pretty happy and save some dough over buying a new lens. I have lots of really good A mount Minolta lenses that are perfect for shooting full frame. Prices range from $69.00-(28mm f2.8) to $892.00-( the 35mm fF1.4).  This way you can pick up a nice lens, save some money and have that lens when you need a wide angle lens!

As I'm a Sigma sponsored photographer, you can also pick up some Sigma lenses new which are very good. Here is the link to the prime lenses which list lenses for full frame camera: Prices start at around $400 and up. Sigma Prime lenses for full frame

You still get better quality with wide angle lens that are prime versus zoom lenses but there are also some very good wide to short telephoto lenses where you get the best of both worlds from the third party manufacturers as well, like Tamron in addition to Sigma.  There are so many choices!

However for a lens you are going to pull out of your bag and rarely use--I'd try a used wide angle lens--Minolta or used Sony branded lens in the A-mount, get a good copy and keep that in your camera bag.  Good Luck!

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

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