Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G SSM II w/ A99 for weddings - HELP

Started Dec 17, 2014 | Questions thread
Gary Dean Mercer Clark
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Re: Sony 70-200mm F2.8 G SSM II w/ A99 for weddings - HELP

vinnylo wrote:

I am literally about to purchase this lens as I am a lead wedding photographer. is this a great lens or does anyone have any other option in mind, as far performance goes...


If you can afford the Sony lens, its the best. That being said, I'm shooting professionally with a Sigma 7-200mm F2.8 and it is fantastic and around $1199 USD.  Found no limitations with it so far for low light shooting, action and sports on my Sony A77MK II. Either way, if you go with the Sony, Tamron or the Sigma lenses, you will be fine. The level of quality of these lenses nowadays is outstanding. If you buy the Sigma lens--here is my secret---buy directly from Sigma on their website.  I've never been let down yet ordering lenses direct from Sigma--Each one has been within specs and outstanding. Goodluck!

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

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