45mm vs Legacy 50mm

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Re: 45mm vs Legacy 50mm

Yup, I've compared to my Zuiko 50mm f/1.8 MIJ (IE final version of the lens). On my OM-D E-M5, which is 16MP, there is a noticable difference at 100% and f/1.8 between the lenses. At 50% there is a moderate difference. By f/2.8, unless you are looking at 100%, there isn't any real noticable difference at all. I can certainly tell the difference in softness in an 8x10 print if I look moderately close at f/1.8 and can't by f/2.8. The 50mm f/1.8 (later versions) is very good, but IMHO, it is not quite as good as the 45/1.8 (at least my copies of both).

The 45/1.8 is significantly smaller and lighter once you factor in the adapter and AF is often very nice. I don't disagree that a more deliberate approach is often nice, but since I use my 45/1.8 for pictures of my kids and sometimes kid's sports...a deliberative approach is not a possibility. I don't know that I'd say that the price is worth the small amount of extra sharpness (back in the day when I still had an EPL-1, the difference was harder to see without significant pixel peeping, I guess the "downside" to more pixels), but it might be for some people and the difference in size, weight, flare resistance (the 45/1.8 is deffinitely better IMHO for flare and ghosting than the 50/1.8) and AF very well might be worth it. I can fit the 45/1.8 and 12/2 with my E-M5, spare battery, hood, and a couple of filters that is truely tiny. I couldn't do that with a couple of adapted lenses, sadly and I certainly can't do that with 3-4 adapted lenses to get in depth prime lens coverage (or go wide for that matter). I love my Zuiko lenses, but I love them a heck of a lot more on my OM-1 than I do on my E-M5.

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I tried several 50 1.8 legacy lenses, including the Zuiko 50 1.8, before the 45 1.8 came out, and when I compared them all to the 45 1.8, there was really no contest. Some of the legacy lenses had interesting oddities, and I thought I would continue to use them after I got the 45 1.8, but in fact once I got that lens on my G1 (and later, G3), I never looked back. It's a sweet little lens.

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