D800 vs. D810 - let's beat this topic into the ground one more time:)

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Re: D800 vs. D810 - let's beat this topic into the ground one more time:)

I'm sure this topic has been beaten into the ground incessantly since the 810 came out. But I'm still on the fence on upgrading from the D800 to D810. So let's beat it into the ground some more. And now that I have people that want to come over and buy the D800 on a local sale, I'm starting to really think deeply about whether I really need the D810 or not.

Of all the comparisons between the two cameras, it really just boils down to one thing for me:

In my landscapes, all things being equal, will there be a discernable difference in image quality on a computer monitor and/or in print, such as the canvas prints I sell. It's just that simple. If I am doing everything else right with proper technique, can you even tell the difference between images taken with either camera (actually, if anyone knows of such a comparison, I would love to see it. That might answer my question. I'm mainly interested in comparisons of real world subjects taken under non-extreme lighting conditions. Like I don't care about comparisons at ISO 6400, etc.). I can't base this on people's opinions or Nikon claims. I need to see that difference for myself.

**A couple things about my shooting. I'm known most for my landscape photography and that's what I care about most, but I do everything from commercial shoots to weddings too. I'm usually on the tripod and often shooting under extreme weather conditions. I also do a lot of long exposure photography.**

Other important considerations for me:

1. Should my D800 go down for the count, (it's got over 70K actuations) my current backup camera is my old D200. Not good.

2. The D810 is a very nice midterm update to the 800/800e, but not a revolutionary update. What will be the next quantum leap in Nikon camera technology? And when is that coming? If there is something else on the horizon, I can wait for that potentially. I don't want to spend the money on an 810 to find out some awesome new 'must have' camera has arrived.

Things that aren't as important for me:

1. Expeed 4 - nice to have, but I have no complaints about the D800

2. New focusing system - sounds awesome. Would be really nice to have, but not absolutely necessary.

3. No filters over sensor - until I see real world examples of improved image quality that is discernable with the naked eye and not done under a microscope or in a lab, I don't need it.

4. Long exposure photography - no real complaints about the D800 here. Up to 20 minute time exposures with no problem, 30 seconds to 5 minutes is more typical for me.

5. Small raw - love this! I'm currently filling 2 terrabyte hard drives like they're going out of style. For shoots that don't require full rez, such as events, weddings, etc. this would be really handy, but still a nice to have not need to have.

6. Quiet mode: don't care

7. New electronic shutter to reduce vibration: If could see evidence in real world images that this made a discernable difference over the D800, this would be huge for me and could tip the scale in favor of the 810. If not, I don't care about it.

8. Video - not that important to me.

9. New live view and higher resolution LCD monitor - nice to have but not necessary.

10. Better battery life. I can shoot an entire grueling wedding with one battery now, so this isn't necessary.

11. Improved ISO sensitivity range: If there were vast improvements over ISO's up to about 3200, that would be important to me. Ultra high ISO's I don't care about since I'm usually on the tripod anyway shooting at low ISO's.

One last observation. It seems to me that the D810 is a smart way for Nikon to spur sales since D800s are probably lagging in that department. How many people have bought the 810 when they really didn't need it? Or gain any discernable image quality? Not sure about the answer to this question, just sayin'.

I upgraded to the 810. For me it was huge. Af with fast primes much better...shooting with fast primes. For my landscapes critical focus is brilliant with the 1:1 pixel view...800 is horrendous in this respect. Also for my 14-24 I can get a zoomed in 1:1 view of each side of the frame and pull focus. Do I notice an improvement in iq? Yes but only on huge prints. If you sometimes shoot weddings I think you overlook how good this new shutter is. So much quieter and I can hand hold a 50mm prime at 1/50 and get sharp images whilst keeping my iso lower. You really need to use it to get it. The grip is ten times more comfort able. Makes me realisr how awful the d800 grip really was.
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