35L vs 35f2IS - real world comparison?

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35L vs 35f2IS - real world comparison?

I'm about to drop some money on a 35mm lens - I don't think I want to wait for the next incarnation of 35L, so my choice is between the current 35L, or the 35 f2 IS.

When I look for images made with the 35L, there are many which impress me and show the kind of 'pop' that I'd love to be able to reproduce. When I look for images made with the 35IS, they mostly disappoint me - they just look a bit flat compared to 'typical' images made with the 35L. However, it could be true that this is simply because the price of the 35L means there are fewer of them around, and they're being used by more capable/critical/demanding photographers.

I hasten to add that I've seen some very good reviews of the 35IS too, by very capable photographers, but there's still something about the photos that just doesn't quite do it for me..

Dustin Abbott's 35IS review 
Caleb Keiter's 35IS review

I find these reviews MUCH more informative and credible than those which only show 100% crops of eyelashes, chromatic aberrations, bokeh circles, test charts etc etc. Sadly, I can't find any similar reviews for the 35L.

Ideally.. it'd be great to see identical, side-by-side 'real' images (as above) made by both lenses in the hands of a great photographer with no axe to grind or point to prove. Anyone seen a page like that? Or.. if anyone has both lenses, could you help me out?



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