7D not always turning on until I remove and replace battery.

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Re: 7D not always turning on until I remove and replace battery.

Hi All

I have read all f this thread.

Before you go off and by a non Canon camera be aware of the fault being discussed here also happens to other cameras. Not just SLR's, all sizes of camera. Errors can exist in all possible electrical contacts and switches, and lens mounts. With even the smallest effort of searching for any camera not working for any reason, there will be masses of information denouncing all makes and models.

You have to realise most cameras are manufactured in their millions. A small fraction of a percentage will go wrong, and the numbers will be many thousands.

As technology advances so will the possibility of faults creeping in expand. Many owners of digital cameras will have an ancient pre digital camera possibly over 40 years old, and swear how reliable it is and never goes wrong, that is because it has bugger all technology inside it, just a few clockwork bits, by todays standards are over engineered. Do you remember these old machines, in comparison to their modern equivalents, are huge, heavy, made of metal. You could use them as hammers and they would survive, even a dunk in water could be dried out and not cause permanent damage.

Todays cameras are built just strong enough to stop their inners falling out. The reason for this is to save weight and size, but mainly cost. Cost saving is thought to be in the interest of the end user, there is no doubt we research the market of the best technology for the least cost. A few of use are more interested in quality at any price, but in the main this is disregarded by manufactures because they are in a battle with each other to wind in the end user.

In a nut shell, we get what we a given because we pander to marked forces. The market is swapped with cameras with materials designed to be only just good enough.


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