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4K is not that easy

DJF77 wrote:

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I'd be happier if they would remove video entirely and stick with still image cameras.

We all have our dreams.


For me its a Photo camera not video.

Hopefully Fuji will listen to market demands and not a few oldies on here. Video capability is essential if they want to push the series as a serious camera. I'm not particularly interested in video apart from a few clips here and there, but there are many who will want good video ability and there is no reason fuji should not put some effort in. It will cost them in the long run if they don't (look how popular the GH4 is because of its video quality)

1: Panasonic is in the video game for ages. Fuji is not (fuji is big in video cinema lenses but not processing). Fuji never made proper video in any of their photo cameras, it is just there, but not very good. It is not trivial to catch on. Especially not with Sony and Panasonic.

2: we will have 4K in fuji at some point in 2015 or 2016 as everybody will be putting it there, but it will be exactly as favorite feature as the HD we have right now. Nobody would want to use it in fuji except for some amateur emergency.

3: I used LX100 in 4K. To be 4K usable it cannot be just slapped in camera like 1080 is in fuji. 4K takes over your whole camera - this is 100Mb/s data dump to a SD card (and no, the class 10 UHS-1 is still not fast enough). The focusing has to be bulletproof, the codec has to be perfect, you MUST have IBIS/OIS, the data writing has to be without single interruption otherwise the whole 4k is down the drain. Panasonic did it, because they rock big time but the whole camera is now developed as video base with 4 processors. Sony couldn't do it yet in photo (they will do it in 2015 using a less hungry XAVC)

That's my take.

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