Need help from video experts D800e

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Re: Need help from video experts D800e

It is a maximum file size limitation that I have found with every video/still camera I have owned. All had a 2GB or 4GB limit. That is why the length in minutes decreases so radically at 1080p and 60 fps with the D750. With older cameras it was 2GB and with newer ones the limit is 4GB and it is a limitation of the FAT32 maximum file size that is used with current CF and SD flash cards.

What is odd is that Nikon has not worked out a way to generate multiple files automatically within the camera/computer as this is an approach that has been around since the 1980's when files had to span multiple floppy disks. What is needed is a firmware hack.

By the way with the Canon Rebel T5i when the 4GB maximum file size is reached it automatically closes off the first file and creates a new one so you can keep on trucking.

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