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robert1955 wrote:

I've never used the video on my XT-1, but what I gather, it is not the best implementation of video in a recent photo cam. Now I might say that because I don't really care for video I should not mind, but I think that is short sighted. Most posters in this thread think otherwise, they think that if Fuji [or another manufacturer for that matter] spends less resources on video, they will spend more resources on stills. It ain't necessarily so. They won't attract many new customers by adding more traditional features. If they want new custom, they will have to look somewhere else than to people who may be close to last camera syndrome. We are not a long term growth market.

So having more lenses in the telephoto range, a real flash system, improved focus tracking, higher ISO in RAW capture and the list goes on, would not attract new customers? They can't improve video enough to make me give hoot about it. If I want to see video I'll turn on the TV or go to a movie.


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