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Re: Fuji future

Peter Bendheim wrote:

No insults, really. But if you want that sort of video, you should look at a decent video oriented cam.

I'm glad Fuji does images - it's what they are really good at and I suspect the majority of Fuji users are still photographers and seldom use video.

I for one hope Fuji don't change that and stick to what they are good at. Trying to please every market sector usually ends up in something designed by a committee, and some that is good at everything, but stellar at nothing.

To be fair to the video users, I couldn't really care less if the camera has video on it, and I understand that a modern camera has to have some sort of video implementation, but please, Fuji, make the video button customizable for those of us who don't use it. At least give us a button that is of some use to us.

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