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Rod McD wrote:

Fuji's current implementation of the EVF in the XT1 is very much amongst the features that have made it a successful model for them. It may not work for everyone, but it does for most owners. No doubt future EVFs will emerge with faster refresh rates, but Fuji certainly aren't going to develop a 4K video camera to satisfy consumers who don't actually want one that they can make an EVF run faster.......


oh boy... You do realize that the processor is not just about the evf. its about the buffer, imaging and general smooth, fast workflow of the camera.  This is the biggest problem fuji is that its corky. anything a fuji camera does, there is some another camera that does it better, faster and cheaper. thats because fuji has a cheapo processor. even in x100t you see stutter and flashes on the screen when you meter/focus and the buffer fills up jokingly fast.

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