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maxnimo wrote:

I was just thinking how Fuji could top itself now.

I'd like to see an 8MP 4K video-friendly camera, also capable of shooting 1080p at 120 fps, and stills of course, that's geared towards action and wildlife photography, and can give decent output at ISO 50,000.

What are your thoughts?

not any time soon. Fuji can't even implement video on a basic level can't see all of a sudden they possess 4K video.

The problem with video is being able to control the heat the camera generates so that is one important factor than just tossing out numbers for 4k or 1080 p whatever.

Even if they did, Panasonic for mirrorless still does it better.

On top of that Fuji needs to consider Audio or the video will not matter if the audio connections are not there, they go together.

On the still side who knows. What is known is like everything their will be new camera bodies to the point where doing firmware updates may not be able to really do it.

Maybe they need a new sensor and everything changes for the better then.

If I had a video need now the best solution is a video camera/camcorder not this hybrid stuff Unless you have a lot more money to invest to get the rig you need, but by the time you do that you could have just bought a $2,500 decent prosumer camcorder.

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