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jtoolman wrote:

buggz wrote:

My experience is the same as others.
I used it successfully with my ColorMunki Photo,
however, the profile is wasted compared to the Xrite or Argyll profiles.

There is a MAJOR Problem with the utility that has basically gone un reported or admitted by CANON.

So stick with what works.


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I just recently purchased a Pro 100 and ColorMunki photo.

I used the ColorMunki program with the device to create ICC's for different papers.

I then wanted to try the Device with the Canon Color Management Tool Pro. Once I got the program to recognize the Device I scanned the charts and got the psychedelic colors also when I did the prints.

I found out why and when you guys try this again you will feel dumb like I did.

You are suppose to scan the rows from left to right not right to left. Its in the instructions but we never read. lol

good luck folks.........

P.S  the ICC produced by Canons software is in my opinion nicer. but with the colorMunki software you can improve the profiles whenever you want. You cant do that with the Canon software.


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