Nikon PC-E Nikkor 45mm f/2.8D ED on Sony A7?

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Re: Nikon PC-E Nikkor 45mm f/2.8D ED on Sony A7?

Hi, I know this thread is 10 months old now but I just stumbled on it while searching out a electrically coupling F to E mount adaptor specifically for nikon PC-E lenses.

You are correct with the your conclusion: A Metabones smart EF to E and Canon TS-E would be the only option right now.

I'm a Nikon architectural and interiors shooter using all three Nikon PC-E lenses and I wanted to clarify for anyone who pops in that Nikons three PC-E lenses are only electric aperture control meaning the lens needs power to activate and actuate the aperture diaphragms; there is no mechanical linkage for aperture control between the lens and camera. The aperture ring on these lenses is really just for show, it needs power to actually stop down to the dialed in aperture and will not work on old Nikon non-autofocus SLRs and with mechanical only lens adaptors.

Nikon does make one non-electronic "PC" tilt/shift, the 85mm 2.8 PC. This has a real aperture ring that that's all mechanical and therefore will work without an electric coupling. There are also older PC shift only lenses that are all mechanical.

Honestly it's kinda stupid and frustrating that the new PC-E's require power. Tilt shift lenses are meant for controlled applications and if you know how to use one than you should be comfortable dialing in an aperture and should be working in full manual. These are not run and gun lens so the luxury of program and shutter priority modes is pretty arbitrary here, especially since they really throw off the light-meter once tilted or shifted causing you to constantly compensate, so you may as well be manual.

Lastly, I've been really wanting to get an Sony A7r and use it with my Nikon PC-E lenses which is why I popped in here. So for anyone else wanting the tilt/shift experience with a Sony mirrorless, might I suggest the Cambo Actus with a medium format lens. Cambo specializes in architectural photography equipment among other things and the "Actus" is basically meant to turn a a7 into a DSLR / view camera hybrid which makes a powerful combo of potential that blows away DSLR style tilt/shifts.

Link here: (you'll have to jump to the actus page under products, i can't copy a link directly to that page due to a poor web design going on here)

If you stick a sony a7 on the Actus (note: the a7 lacks the deep mirror box of traditional DSLR cameras making it the best choice for a true wide angle set up in this situation) and a 35-50mm medium format 6x7 or 645 lens on it, you'll have a 24mm equivalent tilt shift that does full view camera movements.

Imagine being able to tilt, swing, rise/fall, and shift the front standard (lens) AND shift/rise/fall/ the rear standard (camera body) for the ultimate in perspective and focus control.

Note you need a large image circle to have a good range for these movements which is why a medium format lens is needed. 50mm and below 645 & 6x7 lenses will produce wide to ultra wide angles on 35mm full frame sensors.

I'm not going to much further into those details but it's by far the best way to get a superior tilt /shift experience with a Sony mirrorless.

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