At the fashion show lessons learned

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At the fashion show lessons learned

So, I attended a local fashion show this weekend.

Arrived two hours prior to the show start and there was only 20 photographer had me (all standing shoulder to shoulder) somehow I managed to to grab a chair and placed it in front of them where I sat down below their lenses. (Nice to know most of them and none of them objected)

I placed one remote flash at the stage shooting forward down the runway to accent the models and used on camera flash with a small white 1 ft.² reflector to balance my flash forward. (The ceiling was about 30 foot up)

There was already a mixture of lights with different color temperature

As the models are far away down the runway my flash will not reach well enough to dominate so the exposure was low by 1-2 f stops and the color temperature of the rome dominated.

As the models came closer my flash was dominant and the color and exposure shifted

It was truly painful trying to adjust the color temperature and exposure on-the-fly.

Moreover, due to the low ambient I dropped my speed way down to capture the ambience as much as possible... and I shot at my biggest aperture of f2.8 to get as much light as possible and to blur the background... both of which backfired as the models came closer and moved faster...

The low shutter speed yielded some motion blur and the large aperture yielded focus on the center of the model keeping the face soft.

Lesson learned: use multiple flashes or stronger flash source capable of covering the entire runway, keep the speed up above 100 of a second and reduce the aperture to f4 or 5.6 to keep the entire subject in focus.

Photoshop came to the rescue to some extent... and here are some samples...


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