Nikon 1 for mammals/wildlife ?

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Re: Nikon 1 for mammals/wildlife ?

OleThorsen wrote:


It's a nice image, but also a low-contrast one that doesn't tax the sensor that much. Still, it gives me hope I can push things more than I have.

Unfortunately for me, I'm having to learn all new post-processing (Lightroom 5) since the D810 isn't supported with CNX2.

Yes it's a real pity Nikon stopped supporting CNX2, and getting new cameras will force us CNX2 users to use other PP tools sooner or later.

I figured that the V2 was probably a bit better than the D200 - I hated going over ISO 400 with that camera. I'd do 400 with it, 800-1000 with the D300, 1600 with the D700, and 3200-6400 with the D8xxx with downsizing involved.

Here's a D300 mistake - forgot to reset the camera from the night before and shot this at ISO 2000. It's low contrast, so it doesn't look bad:

D300, ISO 2000

Really nice owl photo despite the ISO2000 with your D300. As far as I can see you had the luxury of +3EV more light to work with than my Three Sparrow sample

Last year I took my V2 and my D800e on a trip to Europe. There were a number of places (like Greece) where a lot of buildings were made of white marble. Shooting landscapes in the sunlight were fine with the D800e, but all the buildings were blown out with the V2 and nothing I tried could recover those buildings.

I don't doubt your experience, and I don't know the kind of photography you did in Greece, but have you seen Thomas Stirr's excellent travel report from his trip to Greece with his V2 and a full kit of N1 lenses? As far as I can see from the EXIF data, only very few of the pictures had any EC at all using matrix metering, and there are not many blown highlights in his excellent photos.

He also has a lot more interesting stuff posted on the photographylife website, always worth a good reading.

Agree on all these issues, but just wanted to mention a few free PP packages: GIMP, is OK if the target is publication on the web, as it just does 8-bit colours.

Phocus, from Hasselblad, is totally free (you have to signup for their news, not a big burden). Nice user-interface, too!

Don't quite remember if RAW Photo Processor is free or not (very cheap, if it cost anything).

Just checked: He want you to donate something, $5-15, if you use it, if not, its free!

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