Shooting wedding with primes only

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John Motts wrote:

AlecThigpen wrote:

Ah, the youth of the crowd is interesting, and the naive nature of some of the questions somewhat revealing.

The mindset of the new 35mm program mode autofocus digitally only trained photographers is amusing.

So pleased that you are amused.

Those who photographed weddings using sheet film cameras said the same about roll film users.

Perhaps you should stop taking the easy way out and shoot weddings on whole-plate?

Or you could just move on.

Do I detect a bit of annoyance at my amusement?  I haven't shot a wedding in many years.

My business was started by my father in 1947.  Prior to that, he had 4 years of photography training in the Navy and two in a commercial studio in San Francisco, not counting scout badge in photography in the 1930s, and most of the early weddings, aerials, events, and general commercial work were done on a Speed Graphic 4x5 camera, as appropriate, with either flashbulbs or early lead acid battery powered electronic flash.  Studio work was on 5x7 or 8x10 Deardorff, or rail cameras.

I continued with most of my commercial work on Sinar studio cameras, using film plane metering for most work along with color temperature meters and color balancing bulk transparency purchases for color accuracy.

The bulk of the commercial fast moving work was done on Rolleiflex, Mamiya C330, or Hasselblad.  35mm was almost exclusively for slide work. I can assure you that my dad, who shot much of his work on large format, never sneered at roll film cameras as long as they were the correct choice for the assignment and the output.

The integration of mechanics, chemistry, physics, math, art, darkroom, "real" unsharp masking techniques, pin registration, in-camera masking, posterization and solarization disciplines, airbrushing, and retouching skills were all an important part of the necessary skills for the professional photographer.

Digital photography today is child's play in comparison, in my opinion, having lived both scenarios for well over 4 decades.

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