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Re: Huh?

CoogSig wrote:

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

CoogSig wrote:

Can anyone explain why in this video, the steady shot does not seem to be stabilizing much?


It looks like it's working fine to me. Are we watching the same vid?

He first has stabilization on, and he's purposely moving the camera around, then snapping pics. On the red dragon pic, you can clearly see that it's sharp (no blur).

Then, he switches it off, and keeps moving it around, and you see the red dragon pic blur when he's reviewing on screen..

Yes, I can see that the shots are sharper when he has it on, but it doesn't appear to be dampening any movement in the live view such as in this video from Sony:


I guess the stabilization only activates a split second before the shutter and not all the time, which would make sense for battery life.

I am pretty sure that movement is being dampened in the live view, just as Sony is also proclaiming. Just like how it happens with OSS lenses, you see the dampning in the live view. On youtube I think it is hard to see how much dampning there actually is as you cannot "feel" how much the camera is moving.

I would like to see some video footage of someone walking with the camera in the hand with the IBIS turned off and then on.

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