Nikon 1 for mammals/wildlife ?

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Re: Nikon 1 for mammals/wildlife ?

I've got V1 shots here:

I've got a bunch of V2 shots also, but not conveniently web-paged.

I don't have the 70-300cx lens, but it would be awfully welcome for shooting wildlife in good light.  I shoot with DSLR lenses (300f4, with and with a 1.4tc, 80-400, 70-200) and the FT-1 adapter.  The reach is amazing, but not having all the autofocus points is a real limitation when trying to shoot anything moving.    The 70-300cx would not have that limitation, plus be a lot lighter to carry.

I've shot both V1 and V2, and the V2 is a lot easier to use in the field, outside of just pointing and shooting.   The ergonomics are mostly much much better than the V1.   Except the off/on switch, which is exactly where one would expect a zoom lever to be, and which constantly gets turned on or off by mistake.   (The problem on the V1 is the rear adjustment lever, which constantly gets bumped and changes one setting or another).   In general, you need to constantly check either camera to make sure you haven't bumped a setting.

When shooting 300mm on CX format, you have an extremely narrow field of view (810mm film equivalent).   It can be frustrating trying to find your subject and then focus.   Being able to zoom in from 70mm would sure make that more convenient.

A problem I have with the CX cameras is low light performance.  I don't really like to go above ISO 800, and that's not enough when the sun is low in the sky and you are trying to keep shutter speed up to freeze motion.

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