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Re: m43 = the new 35mm

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I feel that if anything m4/3 cameras might sort of be the FF of tomorrow. The tech is going to make it more attractive to go smaller with cameras, not vie versa since at any given size IQ and performance is going to be better.

Well, yes -- m43 is to the digital age what 35mm was to the film era. 35mm film was first called "miniature" because it was up against the "full frame" of its time: large format. Eventually, overcoming the odds against it 35mm became a standard for many uses.

Arguably, m43 is on the way to becoming a new standard for highly portable cameras of the digital age. Larger formats will continue to exist, of course, but they will be for more specialised uses.

The "new 35mm" is a good way to put but I'd argue (and I know that most here would agree) that the quality is much better than what was possible with 35mm.... so with that in mind; the great quality in the much more portable, convenient package, it does seem logical that this format will eventually be the standard. The quality is only going to get better and then they'll be even less reason to want to use the bigger formats.

Of course if there's any likelyhood that you're photos will need to be blown up to the size of a billboard and still have detail for 2 feet away, then it'll be quite logical to move up to a bigger camera... otherwise it's just going to be for bragging rights which even now I think is the case for a lot of FF owners...

braggin rights...nope.

for legacy lenses one needs a FF sensor to capture the full effect/flavor/character of the lenses.

ie. a FF mount 8mm fisheye is a 16mm WA on 2X crop.

ie. my helios (58mm and 85mm) lenses (acquired solely for their swirly bokey characteristic) are substantially less effective on 2X crop sensor.

'only using the sweet spot' of FF mount legacy lenses adapted to a 2X crop sensor not simply fine for all/everything/every time.

None of us were speaking about adapting 35mm lenses. We we're all agreeing that M4/3 has taken the place of old 35mm film cameras in the digital world. M4/3 has the same kind of combimation of compact size and versatility. As for my "bragging rights" comment, I didn't mean to suggest that FF doesn't have certain adavantages, but that it seems like many people who buy them would be better served by q more compact much cheaper system like m4/3. The difference in IQ for most.applications between FF and the newest m4/3 cameras seems to be very small. -- my flickr:
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