NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw

ghengii wrote:

the camera was like that when you bought it,it's the way it is manufactured.

"caveat emptor" or should I say, "understand what you are buying before you part with your dosh"

I don't agree with this answer.

A) The buyer shouldn't have to be aware of and understand every subtle limitation or latent issue that might exist with a product before buying it. Would you say the same thing to people affected by Toyota's unintended acelleration issues or GM's car dies for no reason issues?

B) The manufacturer won't be aware of all issues when they ship a product either. That's why they do, and should, make firmware updates to correct things that can be corrected with software. Sony should have backported this enhancement to previous models.

I say "enhancement" rather than "fix" because I'm not convinced how much of an issue this really is, and I'm also not sure that it's not a problem in the Zeiss lenses (and possibly their firmware) vs. the Sony body. If it were definitively a Sony body problem, it should affect all AF lenses when used on that body.

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