New 15" MBP slow boot up

Started Nov 26, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: New 15" MBP slow boot up

Snapshott wrote:

From verbose mode the last line is: AppleUSBmultitouchdriver::checkstatus - receive status packet, payload2: device was reinitialized

Any ideas?

Hm, that's a toughie. The "obvious" conclusion is something awry with the internal USB bus connected to the keyboard and multitouch trackpad, or corruption in the OS X driver for the trackpad. But I don't know enough to say that is conclusive so the true cause might be something "non-obvious."

If it was a problem with the OS X trackpad driver, a possible solution would be to reinstall OS X in place from the recovery volume. But if it were me I am not sure I would rush to do that since I think my theory is shaky. An easier, faster thing to try would be to download and run the Combo updater for whatever the latest version of OS X is. This often helps in cases where something weird is going on, but it relies on the problem involving a part of OS X that is actually touched by the updater, and we normal users never get to see a list of what that is. But since it only takes a few minutes to run the latest Combo updater I usually find it's worth a try. A fair amount of the time it does help.

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