Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: what's 3-D?

TTLstalker wrote:

I have seen the effect that people refer to as 3D. It's a subtle effect but it is definitely there, at least to my eyes. I'm a bit sensitive to it, particularly in landscape photos. It's difficult to say what causes the effect. One of the reviews did a comparison between the Quatro and a DP Merrill and there was a shot of a western landscape which showed the rendering of the two cameras. It clearly showed the 3D effect of the Merrill was distinct from the Merrill, at least in that scene. The reviewer became skeptical of the Quatro nd said he was going to hang on to his Merrills. It is not a hoax. There is an effect.

I agree. Maybe "plasticity" is a better word than 3D. I can even see it in the "portrait" comparison of Rick in the other thread. 
In my opinion, there is one flaw in most of the Quattro images, which speaks against this "plasticity"-effekt: Its the fine sand/grain all over the image. This gives the image kind of a texture or layer, no matter if parts of the image are in focus or out of focus. The image lose its depth. A quattro image on the screen looks already like printed to mate paper.

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