Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: what's 3-D?

I don't own a printer that prints larger than 11x19 anymore so that is as big as I go now. But I think the one thing that I see with Sigma cameras is that I can zoom to say 50% or even 100% on my monitor and the shots still hold up well detail wise compared to a Bayer sensor camera of the same resolution.

And the big thing for me is that Sigma cameras bring big MP shots for just lots less money compared to a Bayer camera. My Merrill is a poor mans Nikon 800E. Used they are a total bargain for what you can get detail wise. I know you are not going to do weddings with them lol but.

The first camera I ever owned that was touted as having 3D to it was my Canon 5D which I still have. It had more to do with DoF I think than say the sensor detail. But sure both had a role, but it did have it. I think the Sigmas are more related to having fine edge detail which sort of make things stand out more. No one can deny that Sigma cameras have a unique look to them shots wise and for the good.

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