Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: what's 3-D?

Difficult to measure but it should be possible to detect whether his beliefs are correct - for example if he believes only Foveon provides this effect, we could show him pictures and lie to him about which camera produced them to see if whether foreknowledge skews his opinion. Or we could provide him with pictures of identical scenes shot with different cameras to see whether his preferences align with his favourite camera. Etc, etc

Roland Karlsson wrote:

DMillier wrote:

I'm always mildly surprised when people make such assertions about the domain of science because it is simply wrong. Blind testing of "perceptions" is how cognitive science progresses. Far from being unsuitable, it is ideal for truth determination of this kind.

Yes, that is true. Only systematic and well made tests brings knowledge forward in a reliable way. Belief, based upon reality, or not is always unreliable.

So, when a photographers says - I bought this fantastic camera and it has an impressive dynamic range - then you better ask - how do you know? And if he says - it handles high dynamic scenes excellent. Yeah - maybe he is right. Who knows?

But - tests do only measure what test do measure.

So - if someone says - I think far away parts of landscape images have a certain delicacy in rendition - then - how to measure that?

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