Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: what's 3-D?

Truman Prevatt wrote:

DMillier wrote:

The Foveon is a little bit different (both good and bad) but I agree that some seem to inflate this to the land of magic.

It's very old territory now, but it would still be interesting to see a proper double blind test under proper controlled conditions to explore what, if anything, Foveon does for people when all the preconceptions and biases are removed.

I'm not very enamoured of the earlier Foveon cameras I have, but for me the DP2M seems to have a bit of sparkle for some very particular use cases. I'd love to know for sure whether that feeling is derived from a true difference or whether it is all placebo...

Nothing sorts out reality from religion like hanging prints side by side on the walls and let their classmates and peers comment. It is amazing how fast the "unique magic" melts away.

Photographic are is about form, composition and lighting of a subject that realizes the photographers vision. There are many techniques to various effects including the illusion of depth or "3D" as it is called here.

A few years ago someone posted 2 pictures on here, one from a Sigma and one from an Olympus 4/3rds.  Both were well focussed and well exposed shots of the same subject. and full res versions of each shot were available to peep at.

We were asked to vote on which camera took which picture.  It triggered a lot of discussion because the answer was not obvious.


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