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LX100 sensor is better than GH4 (or at least as good)

I wanted to clarify some of the parameters that are hidden behind the numbers.

DxOMark provides two options to examine the sensor performance: Screen and Print.

If you press the link below which compares the GH4 with LX100, you can navigate to Measurement tab where you can dig into the graphs section, then I advise you to select the Dynamic Range sub-tab and then switch between Screen and Print views (below is a snapshot of the 'Screen' view).

DxOMark describes the Screen Mode as follows: "This tab shows the measurement values and graph derived directly from a RAW image when displayed on a computer screen at 100% magnification (i.e., one image pixel corresponding to one screen pixel)".

Meaning, 'Screen' view represent the original pixel level performance before scaling or manipulation. When comparing LX100 and GH4 on a pixel level, the LX100 has a slight advantage. Therefore, when comparing the 4K performance, both LX100 and GH4 are using a native crop of 3840x2160 (AFAIK) and the LX100 is at least as good.

'Print' view relies on the theory that if you can print the image (or downscale) the noise (and therefore DR) is suppressed. Down-scaling by two (or should we say double the resolution) improves (in theory) the SNR by 3dB and improves the Dynamic Range by 0.5 Ev.

Going from theory to practical is not trivial due to many parameters, such as: scaling artifacts, noise characteristics (mainly in the shadows) and etc. This is why we find ourselves with products like Sony A7r and A7s which represents two sides of the story - resolution vs. sensitivity.

I also included a snapshot of the 'Screen' view for comparing LX100 with RX100 III. Besides the pixel level advantage, there is a significant gap in terms of optics - Brightness, DoF, Bokeh artifacts - all are excluded from the comparison and has a direct influence on the performance.

DxOMark LX100 vs. GH4

DxOMark LX100 vs. RX100 III



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