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Merrill was a departure

Roland Karlsson wrote:

For me personally - I do not really like the Bayer solution. It tries to extract resolution down to pixel level even though it really should be heavily over samplep. It works surprisingly well with modern complicated demosaicing algorithms though. With some exceptions. One is trees and grass - it looks fuzzy with Bayer cameras. Not nice. A Bayer APS-C camera should really be 100 MP or so, so that the lens will act as an AA filter.

Both the Merrill and the Quattro gives more consistent resolution.

The problem, for me, with the Merrill is the hyper realistic sharpness. That kind of effects is something I want to add on demand. If it is a part of the camera, then the camera is a very narrow and special camera.

I agree.  The Merrill sensor and imaging pipeline was a departure for Sigma, away from the excellence of the SD15, which was the ultimate development of the SD14 and DP2 (non-M).

The SD15 did the foveon job beautifully, but foveon had fallen behind the competition in the megapixel race.  Hence the Merrill.

I think at first the Merrill imaging pipeline was very similar to that of the SD15 but texturing and banding problems made it necessary for the imaging pipeline to change in a substantial way.  I don't think it is possible anymore to set up SPP to deliver that early view of the Merrill image, and to me this is a net loss.

I think overall the Merrill experience of the past few years proves that foveon REQUIRES large pixels.  Hence the Quattro, which is able to satisfy both camps (image quality at low resolution with large pixels, and passable image quality at high resolution for the megapixel addicts).

I think at low resolution the Quattro is better than the SD15 and this is a big deal to me.

The question I now have to deal with is how much better than Merrill lo-res is the Quattro.  My guess is that the Quattro is one stop better.  If so, I would want to own a Quattro, hopefully a mirrorless Quattro.  I need to get out there and shoot my DP3M for a while.

Oh, yes, and if I need high resolution for a wall print, I just call that up in the Quattro menu.  Nice touch!

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