Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

MrSkelter wrote:

DMillier wrote:

The trouble with this line of argument is intellectual honesty.

For years we have heard people on this forum championing the Merrill "better than the D800e" entirely on the basis of its fierce micro-contrast compared to Bayer based cameras.

Now we have a new Foveon that doesn't seem to have that intense micro-contrast and the fans are championing it because it is more natural and realistic.

You see the problem, it all starts to sound like "we'll champion anything if it has Sigma on the front" and the reasons why start to sound like apologetics...

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Of course some of us are bing honest. I own every major brand of camera at every price point. The Quattro's are the first Sigmas I've bought because they're the first which don't have the exaggerated image processing of the Merills. Whatever the M's are doing it's not realistic.

The problem is that hyped presentation has attracted a hardcore of fans here whose attitude to contrast and black levels is akin to Ken Rockwells approach to color.

Now Sigma have improved the sensors people whine about the loss of the filtering they liked.

As as someone said, it's just like the tube amp fans who miss the false harmonics they inject into audio who claim better amps lack "sparkle"

Well one thing to keep in mind though- some of us simply point out that the new sensor improves in some ways but now you are not doing a true X3 capture as originally intended by the Foveon philosophy.  There are tradeoffs of course. And you can always do a true X3 by capturing at low res.

While I can see some of your point, Dmiller's right- you get some hardcore fans too that "anything Sigma" is better, or best, in whatever direction they go.

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