Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

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Re: Q Looses the 3-D of the M?

Scottelly wrote:

DMillier wrote:

I had a Canon 5D for several years. It was far, far, far better than the SD14 in every way operationally and the image quality was noticeably better.

Looking through my files, what is striking is that I have not done anything with the SD14 that is really worth keeping. Too much trouble locking up all the time, too long to review files, too noisy, strange green casts on most images, just too much trouble. I have more keepers in one day with the DP2 Merrill than with the SD14 in years...

It's funny that you make these statements too, because it's definitely not just me. One of the main reasons I got my SD14 was a friend of mine was using the 5 D, and he told me the SD14, which he also had, produced better image quality. He eventually got a second SD14 and sold the 5 D. My experience with the SD14 has not led me to believe it is inferior to the 5 D except for the amount of raw files it holds in the buffer, the operational speed, and the high-ISO capabilities. All of those would lead most photographers to believe the 5 D is a superior camera, and for most situations it definitely is, but I still prefer the SD14, because the detail the SD14 captures is equivalent at ISO 100, where I shoot the vast majority of my photos, and the dynamic range of the Sigma is superior to all Canon cameras. I don't shoot at high-ISO normally, but when I do there was my Sony A55, until I sold that. I plan to get a Sony A65 for a variety of reasons, so I'll use that for high-ISO situations. (The A65 is not as good as the Canon full-frame cameras in dark situations, but I can down-scale photos to 6 MP and get pretty good results with the Sony at ISO 1600 and even higher. This will eliminate the need for noise reduction, and I suspect I'll get very good quality 6 MP images from the A65 at high ISO settings.)

I do not have trouble with my SD14 locking up, so either you never learned to slow down your shooting pace, or there was a problem with your SD14. The SD15 is the cure for that situation anyway.

As far as taking too long to review files, I think it's o.k. on my SD14, and with a faster memory card and an SD15 I can't imagine it would be too slow for most people, even people who have been spoiled by brand new, fast DSLR cameras. Was there a noticeable difference between my Sony A55 and my Sigma? Sure. But it is not a big deal. I just had to wait a few seconds. That's NOTHING compared to shooting with a large format camera, which I have done on occasion too. Maybe it's a perspective thing.

Actually downsizing has no effect on noise. That's a myth not supported by maths. You'll have all the noise just fewer pixels. It's easy to work out even if you don't do the calculations.

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: You take a picture with the lens cap on using a hugely noisy camera at high ISO. The file looks like white noise but should be black as there was no light. You downscale that "snow" to a single large pixel. Is that pixel black or grey? It's grey. All the noise is still there.

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