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Re: Don't believe it..

whitelioness wrote:

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I'm planning on buying an SX50 that Walmart has on clearance right now and just came across the possibility that the components may be of poorer quality. When I looked closer, sure enough the model number at Walmart was 6352B005, and at more reputable camera stores the model number is 6352B001. Any insight into what this may actually mean as far as product quality goes? Or perhaps the price makes up for it anyway ($328 CAD at the moment).

Same quality. The model numbering is probably specific to various big box retailers and meaning WM places a big order and the next 10,000 (pick your number) are boxed for them. Other possibility is that WM has the latest or last release of the SX50. Sometimes these numbers mean that a few accessory items like a  bag, SD card, etc. has been included per vendor specs. This numbering system is very common for tablets and laptops and used by many vendors, especially Amazon.

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