High-power LED flash: too good to be true?

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Re: High-power LED flash: too good to be true?

Nionyn wrote:

My main field is theatre lighting, where LED units have undoubtedly found a useful place in the lighting designer's box of tools. They're used largely in place of T.H. PARs or fresnels, where the ability to produce a range of colours from a single lantern pays dividends. However they have yet to replace conventional fixtures in all cases - mainly due to cost, inability to produce a decent 'white' and generally poor colour rendering. There are now LED theatre lights with very good colour rendering and a good white - but some of these use seven different colours of LED to achieve this.

My main field is shooting and lighting for television. I used to light an event where I had to use 70-80 SourceFour PARs and PAR 64s, and every one of them had to be gelled. It was a constant battle to keep the heat from melting the darker gels (we bought heat-shield gel by the roll). Now, a few dozen ColorBurst LEDs, and it's done.

It's interesting to hear your comments since we've also converted all of our tungsten instruments to KinoFlos and LitePanels for interiors, plus most of our HMIs to high-powered LED PARs for awards show arrival platforms (daylight exteriors). A few years ago, I lit an entire arrival platform with a dozen KinoFlo Image 80s (prior to that, we used a pile of 2.5K HMIs). Now, we're virtually 100% LED. It took a while for the output to compete with HMIs, but it began as a corporate-wide push to light more "green."

Nionyn wrote:

I have posted a link to your review of the Light Cube on the Flickr Strobist group. I hope that's OK with you. It's in the discussion I linked to earlier in this thread - it's the one you quote in your review, in fact: https://www.flickr.com/groups/strobist/discuss/72157635062064415/

Thanks again.

Certainly! Thank you!

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