Zeiss 50mm 1.4 ZE vs older Contax mount Zeiss

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Re: Zeiss 50mm 1.4 ZE vs older Contax mount Zeiss

It is confirmed that teh Contaxt 1.4/50 is better than Zeiss ZE 1.4/50. I contacted the Zeiss support and sending some photos to him. His reply is that my photo sample of ZE lens is what it is. Not that I have a soft copy. here is my sample photos for Contax and ZE taken with 5D Mark III, live view on a tripod. First pair "clock" at f1.4/ISO250/speed250/distance5Meters, second pair "orange" at f1.4/ISO200/Speed500/Distance1.4 Meters.

Contax _1.4_F1.4Speed250ISO250Distance5M

Zeiss f1.4/ISO250/speed250/distance5Meters


ZEISS ZE_1.4_F1.4Speed500ISO200Distance1.4M

100% Crop, left Contax, right Zeiss ZE

100% crop, left Contax, right Zeiss ZE

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