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Re: Canon reacts to Sony A7II

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And of course some of us think it is absolutely wonderful that we can fit a cupboard full of old lenses via kludgey adapters but who really wants to do that apart from nerds like us? And is relying on such stuff from car boot sales, or inherited from Uncle George really a sustainable business model?

well - I know some Leica photographers that did not even consider digital until the Az came out and they are now using the A7 plus their Leica lenses in manual mode.

Hmmm, not exactly a large market but OK.

I know no Canon / Nikon shooter that is really interested in lenses (which they should IMHO) - most photographers I know judge their cameras by the pricing or rebate scheme they get - in this respect the entry level price is more important than the functionality or technology.

Really? Admittedly there are many who are more interested in buying a price but I don't think you can tar all Canon / Nikon users with that brush.

Let's be honest - most are more concerned by pricing rather than quality.

When you get now a company that knows how to play that game best (e.g. a consumer electronic firm) you can imagine what will happen

A few years ago I would not have considered ans ML concept - since all of them were crop size.

Things change and DSLRs are so oldfashioned - cameras are bought as fashion statement as well - I am sure many entry level DSLRs are bought exactly for that very reason - and not to produce art or to be creative.

The A7 II just looks so much better

To my (old) eyes the A7 does look quite pretty. I suspect mainly because it looks like cameras used to when I was not so old and that's what I'm used to. A bit like the first girl we got to home base with and who sort of fondly sticks in the mind.

And it makes better images - at least the A7 does and with IBIS it is further 4.5 steps ISO ahead - in other words - you can still shoot with the A7 II at ISO 1600 when you have to switch ti ISO 25 k at the 6D - hm - I guess for the majority of shooters this will make a huge difference and the fashion victims will like the size and the red ring.

Now careful here. Many of you are jumping up and down about IBIS "Yayyyy, it's great!!!!"

Let's A) see how well it really works and B) how reliable it proves. It may turn out to be fantastic but from an engineering point of view a high resolution FF sensor that is allowed to flop about in the focal plane probably should be treated with some suspicion until it is proven. And ideally with your money and not mine.

Adapting existing lenses will mostly matter for freaks and as you said - this is not the majority. Thus only a fraction of the market - the rest of the hobbyists will buy because of the price and this is hot

I may quote for the rumored A9

Sony A9 is going to be terrific:
The A7m2 has been launched 2 months after Photokina with a small announcement in Japan only. Sony sees that camera as a minor upgrade to the A7 although…honestly…the 5 axis stabilization addition is quite a MAJOR change in the industry! And Sony also proved they are listening to customers by adding XAVC-S, changing the shutter button location and making many subtle changes requested by A7 owners.
In two months from now we will get what will be the first real PRO Sony FE mount camera, the Sony A9. It will feature all the most advanced tech: Improved Sony A6000 hybrid autofocus, 4K recording (internally likely), 5 axis stabilization, from ground up newly designed sensor. I am not lying to you. I sold the A7r last week to a friend of mine and will buy the A9. It’s going to be a terrific camera!

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