Maybe leaving 7D Mark II at home

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Re: Maybe leaving 7D Mark II at home

I don't think going for a 7dm2 is impulsive at all.  The 7dm2 camera is extremely advance, it's probably better than a Pro-DSLR that's 5yrs old.  That doesn't mean you have to use every single features available from the camera.

I also find that it's difficult to quantify someone photography knowledge based on time.  It's not like we have a FT job in photography and shoot 40hrs a week.  So, someone may just started for a year, but shoot weekly, vs someone who has been shooting for a few years, but only few times a month in the summer.

I also don't see a problem shooting with a f/1.8 lens.  Photography really isn't rocket science, as all we are dealing with are aperture/shutter speed.  IMHO, I think the art aspect in photography and composition is much more difficult.

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So you only have had point and shoot for a few years and you suddenly buy a 70D and a 7D mark II?



I didn't read the OP did anything suddenly. The 7D II was only recently (as it only just came out two weeks ago). You are suggesting the OP was impulsive?

The OP clearly gave the impression that the serious interest in DSLR photography is recent, that they had no DSLRs before the 70D - so this is a 14 month old interest. When I started, I started with a much smaller and simpler camera (a rebel) and keep that for a few years. So, starting with a 70D and a 7DmkII is in my opinion quite impulsive. Also, a Sigma 18-35 f/1.8? If you do not have experience, and problems with lenses arise, one is easily lost. Photography is not easy.

But, again, everybody is free to do what they want with their disposable income.


I don't see any reason to leave the new toy at home. One learns by experience far better than avoidance. Take the darned camera and force yourself to shoot with it. A 7D II should be able to take a family photo just as easily as any other camera. Learning is a process where if one is willing to learn from mistakes, it becomes a powerful teacher.

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