Why did you buy Micro Four Thirds in the first place?

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Re: Why did you buy Micro Four Thirds in the first place?

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We all have a reason for buying our G1's or our E-P1's instead of the most obvious of choices - a Canon or a Nikon (or a Sony), so why did we buy these cameras which at the time of release are always seen as the underdogs, instead of one of the big bad wolf cameras? What was it about the E-P3 that made you want to preorder one, or what made the G3 so special that it was a better choice than the Nikon D7000 or the Sony SLT A55?

I think this is a really important question to consider when we all think about our attitudes towards Micro Four Thirds and what it can't offer, but in the first place there was something that they had that nobody else did for us, so what was it for you?


When I bought m4/3 for the first time it was 2010.

My wife broke the screen of my compact camera (Kodak EasyShare V803). I did like photography, wanted to have some better equipment than my old Kodak. I wanted a camera that was better and faster than the Kodak. I went to the local camera store to have a look at the options. They had an Olympus E-620 and I loved it. Expect that I thought it was a little to big to bring with me a lot of the time. So they sowed me the new Sony NEX-3 and 5. I had read a little bit about it. He sowed me also a brand new Samsung NX100 and the Olympus E-PL1 and E-P2. The NEX-5 and E-P2 where to expensive for me at that time. I didn't like the Samsung because it was a Samsung and it felt plastic. SO the choice was between the NEX-3 and the E-PL1. Went for the E-PL1, had an Olympus compact camera before and liked the fact that Olympus is really an photography company with lots of history. Back than m4/3 had more options than NEX and Olympus offered a 1 month return option.

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