Question about color profiles and posting to the web....

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Re: Question about color profiles and posting to the web....

DavidH202 wrote:

Actually it really was no different with film.

You are absolutely right and it bugged me then, too.  Actually the frequency of getting poor processing was the driver that led me to get a digital camera in the first place.  I had no idea at the time that I was setting myself up for the frustration of adding computers into the hobby.  (Not to mention my total naiveté in thinking when I bought my very expensive E1 plus various expensive lenses that I was 'set for life'.)

Still, it seemed easier to get prints made.  I usually only had one version and it was what it was, good or bad, move along.  Now there is a print version and multiple internet versions.  I love my iPad but it displays differently than my computer.  And my kids will only look at photos on their phones.  And every time I sit at the computer, I can change everything.  Software updates create changes and a new computer, new iPad, even a new tv will change things.  If you move, the new room lighting makes it different again.  (I know that is true with prints, but easier for me to make mental adjustments for print viewing.)

Some love that flexibility but it kills me.:-)

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