Question about color profiles and posting to the web....

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Re: Question about color profiles and posting to the web....

Pikme wrote:


You've hit on my biggest pet peeve concerning digital photography --- not only is there no way to manage what people are seeing with your images, it is hard to really manage the differences with your own images and different devices, different rooms, different time of day for viewing, print vs monitor, etc. Just what exactly is the 'true' image?

Roberto M.

Actually it really was no different with film.

Unless you used a custom lab that was consistent and meticulously calibrated in their processing, there could be huge differences in output from one processing lab to another. I had just posted a thread and comments on 4/3rds this after reading a cool NPR report about Kodaks "Shirley" cards, which were used to evaluate and calibrate the printers back in the day . a very interesting read...

If you ever did business with a one hour photo or "drug store" film dep't and you got crappy photos back, it might not been have your picture taking abilities at fault, but rather a lack of them calibrating the machines or changing the chemicals. Many labs that offered low ball processing prices didn't bother to do the necessary maintenance as often as they should have to save time and money. When I had my camera shop back in the day, I would always tell my customers that if they really cared about their photos, to let me send them to Kodak for processing!
I didn't make as much profit with Kodak, but knew I was giving my customers the best processing they could get!...

And even then Kodak would occasionally screw up and not be consistent if you sent a negative or slide in for enlargements or prints multiple times, as there were so many variables involved from freshness and temp of chemicals to the actual machine being used and the operator himself,herself.

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