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Re: Proposed Changes to Challenges: Community Discussion

I can assure you that some of these changes HAVE happened.  I'll try to note them in the list:

Immediate Changes:

Voting Changes

  • Enable challenge entrants to vote on the challenges they enter, but not on their own entry - this one was done years ago
  • Introduce rollover help text for each voting level to display a description of what that score means (essentially, standardized scoring levels/meanings)  - This was done also
  • Introduce a button to allow voters to flag an entry as not fitting the challenge theme. After certain # of flags is reached, the entry is put on probation for the host to review.  - I don't remember seeing the button, but the description of 0.5 stars says it's for inappropriate.
  • Revise voting algorithm to account for partial voting and full voting by a single voter. In other words, votes cast by users that vote on entire set of images are given higher weighting than votes cast by users that vote on less or single entries.  - Not obvious, so I don't know.

Challenge Structure Changes

  • Introduction of an additional challenge type that the host chooses when creating a new challenge: the host can choose the challenge winner (removing the public vote) - Never seen this and I don't think it's a good idea.
  • Addition of optional challenge constraints on who can enter the challenge (selectable by challenge host): Minimum # of challenges entered - If this isn't in place it hardly matters. Many challenges post in rules "must have won a previous challenge" or some other restriction about having participated, like this.
  • Addition of optional challenge constraint on who can vote on the challenge: Minimum # of challenges entered, and/or, minimum # of votes cast  - Again, have seen both of these in Rules for a challenge.
  • Ability to limit challenge voting to contestants in the challenge - I don't think this has been done, never seen this.
  • Introduction of monthly Dpr hosted challenges with giveaways (more info to come) - If this happened, I must have missed it.  Don't think this has happened.

Challenge Host Features

  • Add the ability for a host to see a voter's vote spread (histogram), and the ability to disqualify from this interface (if there is suspicious voting). A single page would display all voters at once, displaying name, # of votes, histogram of distribution of votes.  - I ran only one challenge.  I believe I remember seeing the histogram.  If there was an ability to disqualify from that view I do not remember it.
  • Create a requirement for hosts to leave a comment on entries they disqualify (and make it visible to disqualified user)  - I didn't disqualify anyone, so don't know for sure, but I was disqualified from one contest and it came with an explanation. Perhaps this was done.

General Changes

  • Ability for users to re-title their image and fix typos in image description (only before voting) - I don't think this was done. You have to specify the name when you upload.
  • Ability for users to fill in EXIF data only when it is not automatically identified by DPR, and only before voting  - Not done. Why would you want to let someone manually add EXIF data?  You must trust people more than I do.
  • Re-introduce challenge stats for users, with expanded view of data
  • Make photo description visible (and toggle-able) in slideshow view  - Interesting. I wonder ... would it influence votes to see a good or not good description?  I think so. Is that desirable?  My opinion: I think not.
  • Create a challenges search and explore page to enable users and visitors to scan challenge winners and contestants.  - Again, interesting idea. It is possible to view all old challenges, not sure if the search features you want are there.
  • Enable users to "favorite" photos, and then see those photos in a single page. - Inside one challenge?  Across challenges?  Not sure what I'd want here. Don't think this is in place. 
  • Remove social buttons from voting pages (but keep on winners pages, and on challenge overview pages)
  • Introduction of a cap on the # of challenge slots available each week (to prevent too many chalenges from being created, and to hopefully increase activity in existing challenges) - This sounds like a solution in search of a problem.  

Medium/long Term Changes:

  • creation of a new voting system that enables voters to view all entries in a new lightbox format, and then check off photos seen in full size that they wish to place in a top 5 or top 10 selection (photos marked for exclusion from top 10 would become slightly grayed out). Scoring would then be point driven, # of appearances in a top ten would determine # of points awarded. This format would de-emphasize the power of a single voter, but would likely require more voters to be effective. This format would also need new weighting algorithm to be created.  - Definitely not implemented.
  • Creation of a challenge ideas voting board (akin to Digg, stackoverflow, etc..), allowing the community to propose challenge ideas, and then vote on which ideas get move into an active challenge first. In combination with the proposed cap on # of weekly challenges, the goal with his would be to ensure the most popular challenges ideas were running at all times.  - I think this forum at least in part serves this purpose. The existence of this list from several years ago supports that idea.
  • introduction of some variation of user levels driven by activity (voting, challenge entries, hosting). Goal would be to recognize valuable members of the community. The scope and approach to this is still just a brainstorm on our side.  - Before I ran a challenge, I had never run a challenge, obviously. We'd have to make sure that whatever is proposed here is not seen as a penalty to those not considered valuable members.  


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