Panasonic Nocticron v. Olympus 75mm

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Re: Panasonic Nocticron v. Olympus 75mm

jeffharris wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

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Assuming the 2 lenses are of similar optical quality and the prices are not too dissimilar, how many of you would opt for the Panasonic over the Olympus? By all accounts, the Olympus is of optical stellar quality, but the focal length is on the long side for portraiture (which has put me off from buying it).

I think many people are "making do" with the focal length because the lens is so good, but it seems to me the lens will be much less useful once the Panasonic comes out. Maybe mainly for indoor events?

Why no mention of the Voigtländer 42.5mm? At $999, it appears that it may be the "budget" alternative to the PL42.5mm, that's rumored to possibly cost $1200 or more.

Lack of AF?

Lack? Manual focus is a plus in my book! AF blows.

Heh, heh, antiquado.

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