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Re: Hand holdable Shutter Speeds Question P600

jfelbab wrote:

No two photographers are the same. Some are really stable others not so much. Some develop tricks to stabilize the camera, take burst shots, use walls or other items for a brace, use the self timer, etc. If you have no alternatives, and no tripod, try the shot(s) anyway. I have handheld shots, using some of these tricks, at speeds of over 1 second and produced acceptable results. Not something that I can repeatedly achieve but such is the animal.

There used to be a guideline, back in the day prior to IS, that said not to shoot handheld slower than 1/efl. So at 1000mm that would mean 1/1000 sec., at 24 mm that would mean 1/24 sec. Assume that IS may add one or two stops to that, so with IS you could maybe get acceptable results at 1000mm at 1/500 or maybe even 1/250 sec.

Much depends on the photographers skill and to a large part luck. Practice will improve results.

Here is a night shot I took handheld a while back with an old P&S with IS. I leaned back against a building for added support and while not that sharp, it turned out reasonably well for a 1.6 second exposure.

125mm, f4, 1.6 seconds, ISO 100

Oosterdam arrival Puerto Vallarta

And here is a handheld moon shot taken with the P600 at full optical zoom. Practice will improve results.

1440mm, f6.5, 1/250 sec, ISO 280

Moon via P600.

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'There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.'
-- Ansel Adams

Totally agree with your comments!! It seems like some think it is a big deal if they can hand hold their camera and get an acceptable picture versus using some sort of support and get a great picture. I use a tripod or mono-pod when ever I can do get pin sharp pictures.

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